Waterfield´s: perfectly equipped for Baker of the Year

Leigh / UK. (fr) The fact that more and more excellent bakers are joining the ranks of FRITSCH customers is by no means mere coincidence. On the contrary, it is an indication of the high-quality these bakers have come to expect from the products of the German bakery systems manufacturer.

One very recent example of just such a customer is Waterfield´s Bakery in Lancashire, United Kingdom, a bakery steeped in tradition. The company´s managing director and production supervisor John Waterfield has just been awarded the highly-respected Baking Industry Award «BIA Baker of the Year 2007» by the leading British specialty magazine «British Baker». The award – granted annually – thus goes for the second time in three years to a convinced Fritsch user. In 2005 it was Peter Knowles of Peter´s Bakery in Durham, England, who was awarded «BIA Baker of the Year».

John Waterfield was granted the prize in recognition of his impressive abilities, his energetic involvement and his unswerving dedication to the production of best-quality baked goods. The talented baker was not sure until the very end whether he would be able to contend successfully with the brilliant line up of contestants for the coveted prize. All the greater was the joy he felt when he received word that he had won. And when heard the verdict of the jury: «John is an extraordinary innovator and a perfect example of the type of baker the baking industry needs today for continued success and growth. He is a definite plus for our business sector and has deserved in every respect the recognition that comes with this prize».

Waterfield´s has been in existence for 81 years now. It has always been a family-run organisation, and today it supplies close to 40 of its own branches in northwestern England. Before entering his parents´ business, John Waterfield first completed his studies at Salford College and took a good look around bakeries all over Europe. In his own words, his goal is «to deliver traditional bakery goods with a modern feel». In any case, production at Waterfield´s is absolutely state-of-the-art. Doing their duty in Leigh are, among other things, two Fritsch Laminators 3000 replete with an accompanying make-up table. And, in light of John Waterfield´s current success, they appear to be doing their jobs remarkably well.