World’s First AutoStore Solution With Frozen Food Zone Announced

Oslo / NO. (stro) StrongPoint ASA, a leading grocery retail technology provider, has been chosen to design and install the world’s first AutoStore solution purpose built for food management with three temperature zones: ambient, chilled and now, frozen. StrongPoint is AutoStore’s first and only grocery-focused distribution partner.

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AutoStore, the robot technology company that invented, and continues to pioneer, Cube Storage Automation, has recently developed a unique solution to automate the storage and retrieval of frozen items. Previously, AutoStore’s solutions have only covered two temperature zones, chilled and ambient. Most grocery retailers have been using manual picking for frozen items when automating their e-grocery fulfilment services, an essential product segment for grocery retailers.

StrongPoint is a grocery technology company with 35 years’ experience in food management and provides end-to-end e-commerce fulfilment solutions to many leading grocery retailers in Europe. StrongPoint will design and install the AutoStore solution for the Norwegian food distribution company, DLVRY, in a facility based in Sveio, Norway. In addition to increased efficiency, by adding frozen items into the AutoStore grid, substantial energy savings can be made. In this installation, it is expected to result in approximately 30 percent reduction in energy costs.

«This is a great day for grocery retailers and food management companies looking at automation to boost efficiency as they can now automate all three temperature zones. We are proud to have the honour of installing a world first for AutoStore and look forward to leveraging our 35+ years’ experience in food management and grocery retail to create the world’s first and best fully automated solution purpose built for groceries,» said StrongPoint CEO, Jacob Tveraabak.

«Food management is so different to any other retail segment we wanted to ensure we had access to a team that really understood our unique challenges which is why we decided to work with StrongPoint. We are especially proud we are the world’s first company to use AutoStore’s frozen-food capabilities as it means we can achieve much higher efficiency rates by automating what was until now, not possible,» said Jan Frode Johansen, Co-Founder and CEO of DLVRY.