Yemenis compromise their health by consuming expired products

Sanaa / YE. (yt) A recent study by the Economy Faculty in Aden University indicated that 90 percent of shops in public markets sell fake commodities including all types of essential edibles, preserved foods, sweets, electrical goods, consumer commodities and cosmetics.

The study attributed the overflow of these fake commodities to the recent domestic and international price hikes, forcing people to hunt after cheap products. Another scientific study showed that most types of preserved foods including sweets, meats, and soft drinks contain a high percentage of contamination, amounting sometimes to 19 percent – Yemen Times reports.

Price hikes and low incomes have left citizens no choice but to resort to commodities sold in public markets, despite the fact that such commodities have been expired or are about to expire. Merchants´ greediness seduced them to increase the prices of commodities and forging the dates of manufacturing and expiration. Others have brought out their about-to-expire commodities and sold them through street vendors. Citizen´s ignorance and the increase of prices have made people buy such commodities since they will find a difference between prices sold in shopsand supermarkets and those of street vendors full text.

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