Yum China: Adds Two Shared Service Center Branches

Shanghai / CN. (yb) Yum China Holdings Inc. announced that the Suzhou and Wuxi branches of its Centralized Shared Service Center (CSSC) have officially been put into operation. This brings the total number of CSSC in China to three, which will further support the Company’s long-term growth and protect the Company’s business continuity in the event of a crisis.

«Expanding CSSC is a strategic priority, which not only better prepares us for challenges such as Covid-19, but also supports the Company’s sustainable growth in the long run,» said Joey Wat, CEO of Yum China. «The two CSSC branches form part of our on-going strategy to create a more resilient business model by investing in digital and technology and enhancing efficiency and agility.»

Yum China has operations in over 1,400 cities with over 400,000 employees. In order to streamline and standardize the HR and finance processes, and drive operational excellence and cost efficiency, the Company established its first CSSC in Wuhan in 2015. The CSSC provides centralized processing of HR and finance activities related to administrative and transactional processes. Despite the challenges experienced in Wuhan due to Covid-19, including a period of lockdown, the CSSC successfully implemented a robust contingency plan and leveraged emerging technologies, such as robotic process automation (RPA), AI and cloud calls to achieve minimum disruption of operations. These actions ensured the normal operation of all personnel and finance functions, including the timely and accurate payment of salaries for more than 400,000 employees, and aiding the recruitment of management trainees for approximately 10,000 restaurants. The two new CSSC branches in Suzhou and Wuxi will support the Company’s operations in Eastern China and further strengthen the Company’s crisis management capabilities. Yum China will continue to drive digital transformation and enhance organizational efficiency throughout the business.