Yum China: Wins 2020 Digital Transformer Award

Shanghai / CN. (yb) Yum China Holdings Inc. announced it has been named 2020 IDC China Digital Transformer in recognition of its leadership in advancing digitalization in the restaurant industry. In addition to winning the top prize at the 2020 IDC China Digital Transformation (DX) Awards, Yum China was also named Omni-Experience Innovator and Digital Trailblazer in the retail industry. Leila Zhang, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Yum China, received the DX Leader award for her role in driving the digital transformation process.

«We are honored to have won multiple IDC Digital Transformation Awards, which are a testament to Yum China’s achievements in digital innovation over the years. We are not only leveraging digital innovation to enrich customer experience from online to offline, but also to drive end-to-end digitalization. This way, our operations become more agile and better integrated with the supply chain, helping to improve efficiency and capture market opportunities,» said Joey Wat, CEO of Yum China. «Going forward, we will further strengthen our core competitiveness through digitalization and create an even more resilient business model that empowers long-term growth.»

The IDC DX Awards honor the achievements of organizations that have successfully digitalized one or multiple areas of their business through the application of digital and disruptive technologies. In particular, the Digital Transformer Award celebrates companies that have demonstrated success in projects that create synergy between business and IT management disciplines, and that have delivered digitally enabled products and services over a sustained period.

Yum China was chosen by IDC for its achievements in utilizing AI-based technology to support its business growth. Through the integration of data and AI, Yum China is able to provide a more personalized experience through recommendation-based marketing and increase its operational efficiency across the board. As a result, Yum China fuels the digital transformation of the entire value chain and has become an industry leader in multi-faceted digital experience from serving customers to empowering employees.

«We are grateful to IDC for this recognition. If the purpose of digitalization is to improve customer experience and increase productivity, then AI is the key to finding the perfect combination between people and technology,» said Leila Zhang, CTO of Yum China. «These awards recognize Yum China’s achievements in adopting AI and demonstrating how restaurant companies can benefit from digitalization.»

As a digital leader in China’s restaurant industry, Yum China began its digital transformation journey as early as 2015. Since then, Yum China has built out a powerful digital ecosystem to offer a fully-digitized experience for customers. In 2018 the Company started building its own AI platform in cooperation with one of China’s leading AI technology and services providers. To date, Yum China has implemented AI across multiple business scenarios such as smart marketing, smart supply chain, smart restaurants and smart customer service, making its restaurants more efficient and customer-focused.