Alvarado Bakery: Sees Ads Rejected by Facebook

Petaluma / CA. (asb) Alvarado Street Bakery, a cooperatively owned organic bakery in the U.S. that produces sprouted-grain breads for customers across the country, is launching a new campaign poking fun at Facebook for rejecting Facebook ads and posts promoting its new Sprouted Wheat Hemp + Hops Bread.

Seeing its ads and boosted posts were rejected by Facebook on the grounds that «Facebook doesn’t allow the promotion of illegal drugs», Alvarado Street Bakery appealed to Facebook by clarifying that its products are made with organic hemp and hops, not illegal, hallucinogenic cannabis. While a few ads were eventually approved, some ads were still rejected – so Alvarado Street set out to poke the bear.

«With so many Russian trolls still lurking out there, it was surprising to see Facebook continually spending their energy rejecting our humble little organic bread», says Michael Girkout, president of Alvarado Street. «They made life a lot harder for our team to promote our new dizzyingly delicious new product, so we decided to have a little fun with our predicament».

The digital campaign will feature pseudo-political campaign tactics to both poke fun at Facebook in a lighthearted way while building awareness for the Hemp + Hops product. To let people know the company is intent on doing good and not just stirring up trouble, 1 USD of every Hemp + Hops sale from September 15 to October 15 will be donated to Feeding America, the nonprofit national network of food banks.

Customers can find Alvarado Street Bakery’s Sprouted Hemp + Hops Bread at their local grocery store and learn more about the campaign at