Britannia: Consolidated Revenue up 14 percent in Q1/2013

Mumbai / IN. (bil) Britannia Industries Limited (BIL), India´s leading Food Company, for the 1st Quarter ending June 2013, reported an increase of 14 percent in its Consolidated Revenue of 1’539,6 INR Crores and a Net Profit increase of 93 percent at 89,5 INR Crores. Operating Margin at 7,7 percent increased significantly, compared with 4,7 percent in the first Quarter last year, despite an increase in brand investment at 9,6 percent of Revenue, compared with 8,4 percent last year. Commenting on the performance, Vinita Bali, Managing Director, said, «The expansion in margin is consequent to an improvement in product mix and higher price realization coupled with an emphasis on cost management – the growth momentum we saw in the 2nd half of last year, continued». Britannia also reported an increase of 15 percent in its standalone revenue of 1’403,4 INR Crores and a 99 percent increase in Net Profit, at 86,3 INR Crores. Profit from Operations at 114,4 INR Crores, increased 93 percent.