Corbion: sells Breddo-Likwifier to AmProd Holdings

Amsterdam / NL. (cb) Corbion has agreed to sell its Breddo-Likwifier division to Ensight Solutions LLC – a wholly-owned subsidiary of AmProd Holdings LLC – in order for Corbion to focus on high value-add food ingredients. The sale is effective immediately. Breddo-Likwifier is experienced in the manufacture of high-speed stainless steel blenders for over 50 years. Their machines are used in the food industry to manufacture ice cream mixes, candies, reconstituted products, canned condiments, sauces, salad dressings, fillings, instant breakfast and many other similar items. The division’s sales in 2015 were approximately six million USD. Likwifier machines were first introduced to the dairy industry in 1958 as Lanco Likwifier, in 1977 the name was changed to what it is today, Breddo-Likwifier. The division is located in Kansas City, Missouri.

Corbion is a leading global food ingredient and bio-based chemical ingredient supplier working with leading consumer food and product manufacturers to create satisfying, convenient, and safe products for consumers to confidently enjoy in their daily lives. Corbion’s team of experts, who are consumers too, collaborate to create solutions that are based on sustainable, renewable resources such as: emulsification and functional blends for the bakery, snack, dairy, and beverage industries, food acids for sourness in confectionery and beverage products, biobased lactic acid derivatives for bio-plastics, medical and animal health, pharmaceuticals, home and personal care products, as well as safer coatings and adhesives.