DSM-Firmenich: Opens State-of-the-Art Facility in New Jersey

Kaiseraugst (CH) | Heerlen (NL). (dsf) DSM-Firmenich AG, innovators in nutrition, health and beauty, has opened a new pilot plant in Plainsboro, New Jersey designed to enable collaboration with customers. The pilot facility is part of DSM-Firmenich’s Taste, Texture + Health Business Unit and will support the company’s commitment to accelerate global diet transformation – by providing food + beverage brands with the capabilities to create enjoyable eating and drinking experiences that are healthier for people and more sustainable for the planet.

The facility offers a full range of capabilities and equipment to help customers move from development on the benchtop to small scale-up production in the pilot plant that will inform and accelerate final large-scale production. The pilot plant is focused on scaling up beverage production and will support applications such as juices, ready-to-drink coffee and tea, sports drinks, carbonated soft drinks, sparkling water, energy drinks, as well as dairy + plant-based products like milks, creamers, and protein shakes.

20240320-DSM-FIRMENICH(Photo: DSM-Firmenich AG)

The pilot plant was designed to enable strong collaboration within the DSM-Firmenich and customer teams during benchtop development as well as to incorporate consumer feedback into the overall development process. The new pilot lab is strategically adjacent to both the DSM-Firmenich development labs as well as to the consumer sensory lab and focus group room which enables the voice of the consumer to be brought into the process throughout development. In addition, the area is designed with a conference room with a direct view of the pilot facility which maximizes collaboration with customers.

Maurizio Clementi, Executive Vice President Taste for Taste, Texture + Health: «This new facility will help us deliver on our ambition to bring progress to life by enabling our customers to make even more innovative foods and beverages that are delicious, nutritious, and sustainable. Our fully equipped pilot plant is a powerful next step in our vision for our Taste, Texture + Health North American headquarters, allowing us to partner even more impactfully with customers to create the next generation of consumer food and beverage experiences that are good for people and the planet. Our state-of-the-art facility will be a vibrant place where passion and expertise meet.»

Chris Perkins, Senior Vice President Taste, Texture + Health North America: «With this new pilot plant, we offer our valued customers and partners a comprehensive set of capabilities and the latest cutting-edge equipment, all carefully designed to foster collaboration, improve consumer insights, and accelerate time-to-market. We have built a solid infrastructure in Plainsboro propelled by an incredibly talented team with a strong innovation network. It’s truly an inspiring place to work, together with our customers, partners, knowledge institutes and talents.»

DSM-Firmenich welcomes both established industry leaders and progressive startups. We see our pilot facility as a center of creativity and collaboration, where the future of taste, texture and health in food and beverages comes to life.