Fazer Experience Visitor Centre more popular than ever

Helsinki / FI. (fg) In 2023, the Fazer Experience Visitor Centre broke its all-time visitor record of 238,000 visitors. At the same time, customer satisfaction with the visitor centre reached a record high. The experience and the Finnish desire for recreation are reflected in the feedback from visitors to this versatile destination in Vaarala, Vantaa. Visitors are particularly taken with the personal service they receive, and Fazer is highly recommended as a place to visit. With the continuous renewal of the Visitor Centre, a new record number of visitors is expected this year.

The Visitor Centre is a unique experience with a multimedia exhibition, Fazer Café, shop, meeting services and various events such as cookery schools and children’s birthday parties. The Fazer Experience Visitor Centre opened in 2016, and the number of visitors reached in spring 2024 will bring us to a total of 1.5 million visitors so far. Fazer has been welcoming visitors to its facilities for more than 60 years.

20240112-FAZER-FEC-01(Photo: Fazer Group – Fazer Experience Visitor Centre)

A tour of the exhibition becomes a captivating experience with a guide

At the heart of the Visitor Centre is an exhibition tour, where a guide takes visitors on a one-hour tour through Fazer’s eventful history and the food value chain – such as how grain travels from the field, through the mill, to the bakery where it is transformed into bread.

«Our exhibition tours are always led by guides, who bring the exhibition items on the tour to life, as it were. These professionals know how to entice visitors to explore the side streams of production or to puzzle out the Moomin hidden in Tove Jansson’s drawings,» says Anu Kokko, Director of the Fazer Experience Visitor Centre. «Young people in particular challenge our guides with incisive questions about packaging materials, origin and food waste, among other things. The best feedback is when we’ve managed to give them something to think about that excites them!»

20240112-FAZER-FEC-02(Photo: Fazer Group – Fazer Experience Visitor Centre)

Visitors hungry for new experiences and shared moments

Fazer sees the increase in visitor numbers not so much as a result of tourism returning to its level prior to the coronavirus pandemic, but rather as a result of a subsequent desire for togetherness.

«Every day we see the need for corporate clients, associations, families and groups of friends to meet face to face and do something memorable together. Chocolate art workshops and chocolate and wine tastings for adults have been popular activities and ways to experience something new,» Kokko continues. «Staying ahead requires continuous development and creativity. That’s why we constantly invest in new, inspiring content and the functionality of our facilities.»

Fazer shows itself to be a versatile food company

Unique in Finland, the Fazer Experience Visitor Centre is a destination where you can experience Fazer with all your senses, reflect on the impact of your own food choices and take a peek into the exciting future of food. The main attractions of the exhibition include the tropical indoor garden, a giant Mignon bunny, Globe 2030 – the planet Earth seen from the Moon – and a herb wall with circulating water to help understand how our carbon footprint can be reduced and how the circular economy works.

The seasons, consumer trends and products for the different times of year and Fazer’s history spanning over 130 years as well as respect for craftsmanship are reflected in the visitor centre throughout the functions, in the catering as well as in the themes. This year marks the 50th anniversary of Fazer Kismet, which can be seen in the packaging exhibition of this beloved brand in the Visitor Centre’s lobby and in other ways. The Fazer Experience Visitor Centre has been awarded the Sustainable Travel Finland certificate as a symbol of our dedication to promoting sustainable tourism.