Garten Wellbeing PBC Acquires LeanBox

San Francisco / CA. (gaw) Garten Wellbeing PBC, a leading provider of healthy food and workplace wellbeing services, announced it has acquired LeanBox, the fresh food kiosk provider. The acquisition will enable Garten to extend its employee wellbeing services through expanded unattended food kiosks and cafe services to offices across the U.S., providing employers with a variety of healthy options to feed their returning on-site employees.

Since 2014, Garten has been providing in-office snacks and lunch services for corporations of all sizes, and more recently, Snack From Home boxes for remote staff. For many companies, the pandemic has decentralized the cafeteria experience as the only office gathering space and instead, companies are shifting to craft innovative employee wellbeing programs that fit within the changing workplace environment. Garten’s clients are implementing low-touch food options like unattended food kiosks as well as coffee shops in lieu of cafeterias.

«Garten is poised to service employers of all sizes to help them take care of their employees’ wellbeing, no matter if they remain remote or are returning to the office,» said Michael Heinrich, founder and CEO of Garten. «The acquisition of LeanBox is a sign of things to come for Garten. Throughout the pandemic, we focused on optimizing our solutions for the new normal, and now we’re focused on expansion, having options and crafting new solutions to meet the needs for all employers.»

«The combination of Garten and LeanBox’s in-office offerings is extremely powerful,» said Shea Coakley, co-founder of LeanBox. «Together, we can help companies re-imagine how they can prioritize health and wellness for their employees, which is now more important than ever.»

Garten is redefining the employee wellbeing experience by offering a variety of services that cater to every type of workforce. Mind, Body and Environment are the three pillars that have defined the employee experience offered by Garten. With options like onsite catering, virtual speaker series, remote snack boxes and more, Garten provides employers a multitude of solutions that keep their employees engaged and wellbeing a top priority.

As Garten continues to iterate the hybrid workforce model, consolidation in the space has become a key ingredient to their success. Garten will continue to further expand its wellbeing offerings through acquisitions of this nature as this will be their third acquisition, enabling their expansion of innovative wellbeing solutions.