Great Harvest Bread: Announces Franchise Opportunity

Dillon / MT. (ghb) Great Harvest Bread Co., a 40 year-old bakery-café brand best known for its fresh, made-from-scratch bread, has a franchise opportunity for anyone seeking ownership in the developing Chicagoland area. The company is currently looking for a local entrepreneur to independently own and operate the existing Evanston location, which has been serving the community for 26 years. The strategically located bakery-café also has growth opportunity to develop 6-10 Great Harvest locations in nearby surrounding areas.

Dubbed «Bread Heaven» by customers since 1976, Great Harvest bakeries bake bread fresh every morning from milled wheat berry sourced from the Golden Triangle of Montana. The company also offers breakfast, sandwiches, healthier dinners and desserts throughout all three parts of the day.

The company recently announced that the Evanston Great Harvest Bread location, which has been owned by local operator Dave Schaps for over 16 years, is going up for sale. Schaps plans to pursue other opportunities with the Great Harvest Bread brand, of which he is a loyal supporter.

«I’m a die-hard Great Harvest Bread fan», Schaps said. «It’s a fantastic business opportunity on many levels, especially for an entrepreneur who wants to feel proud of the product they’re serving to the community. Today’s consumer is extremely conscious of what they eat. There is and always will be strong market demand for fresh, delicious food made from simple ingredients».

The company’s unique «hub and spoke» business model allows franchisees to purchase a large territory that includes a single Great Harvest bakery operation and as many café-only units as they desire in surrounding towns. The bakery locations would be equipped with ovens and ample space to produce and deliver the hand-crafted breads to the nearby café-only locations throughout the day. One unique aspect of Great Harvest Bread Co. is the while the company provides franchisees with robust support from its home office team, it offers a «Freedom Franchise» model that allows franchisees more flexibility than traditional franchise systems.

«The opportunity to operate Great Harvest Evanston is particularly rewarding because of its long established history in the community», said Mike Ferretti, CEO of Great Harvest Bread Co. «A new owner will be able to make the current space their own because Great Harvest doesn’t set limits on franchisees’ creativity and flexibility for store hours, store design, creating new menu items, etc. We believe in the core of franchising by providing our franchisees with the proven business model and guidance, while giving them control over the look and feel of their own «mom and pop» bakery-café».

Great Harvest Bread offers a proven training and development program to ensure franchisees understand all aspects of opening a strong, energetic bakery-café. The corporate team also supports the growing brand by placing an emphasis on national consumer awareness through innovative marketing strategies such as the annual National Bread Challenge and Better Breakfast Challenge.

About Great Harvest Bread Company

Great Harvest Bread has spent the past 40 years perfecting the combination of ingredients to make the freshest and authentic breads and pastries, as well as the newer sandwiches, grain bowls and soups, growing to nearly 200 locations, all of which continue to mill their own Golden Triangle wheat every morning from scratch. Providing local communities with authentic breads and pastries made fresh daily, the brand is now growing through franchising with a new bakery-cafe model ideal for multi-unit ownership. Open during three parts of the day – breakfast, lunch and dinner – the menu has grown beyond a wide variety of soft, delicious breads to include soups, sandwiches and grain bowls.

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