Harrys: Barilla Group inaugurated new production line

Parma / IT. (bg) The opening of the new production line Harrys 100% Mie represents the first stage in a 47 million EUR extraordinary investment programme undertaken by the Barilla Group in order to give continuity to its industrial asset in France and to further consolidate the French market within the group.

First stage in the implementation of a 47 million EUR investment program

Since 2013, the Barilla group has been stepping up its investment program in order to give continuity to its industrial plant in France. To this end, 14 million EUR have been invested in the opening of the new production line Harrys 100% Mie in the plant of the industrial site at Plaine de l´Ain. Furthermore, 30 million EUR have been allocated to the grouping and modernization of the Harrys factories at Châteauroux in order to launch one of the largest sites of industrial bakery production in Europe. Lastly, a 3,2 million EUR investment is planned for the site of Valenciennes, for the manufacture of a product destined for Italy. In addition to this programme of extraordinary investments, the Barilla Group has been investing every year since 2003, when Harry´s was acquired, about ten million EUR towards the constant improvement of its industrial plant in France.

France, the first European market after Italy

The Barilla group is active in France both in a commercial and industrial sense.
France generates a turnover (2013) of more than 500 million EUR (2013) with Barilla products, Harrys, Mulino Bianco, Wasa and Academia Barilla: It also includes six production sites that manufacture 150 thousand tonnes of bakery products (sliced bread, brioches and other products). The six French industrial sites represent more than a third of the Group´s sites located abroad. Barilla France has more than 1’500 employees, 1’260 of whom work in the production plants. The 100% Mie bread is a «flagship» product of the Harrys brand and represents the reference product of the bakery department. The first crustless soft bread launched on the French market in 2004, the 100% Mie product range has seen a steady increase in sales year after year and remains the leader in this segment.

A new, innovative production line made in record time

It has taken less than seven months´ work to make this new production line, thanks to the contribution of 30 contractors on the site, and the collaboration of the Barilla French and Italian teams. The many innovations implemented on this new production line generate a 50 percent higher production capacity in comparison to standard lines, with a manufacture of 24 million packages of 100% Mie bread a year.

These innovations also lead to a reduction in waste, water consumption and CO2 emissions, turning into practice the group´s philosophy, which is founded on sustainable development: «Good for you, good for the planet». The new line will make it possible to hire 40 new employees on fixed contracts, thus increasing by more than 25 percent the workforce of the Plaine de l´Ain site.

As Paolo Barilla, Vice-President of the Barilla Group, says: «These investments and the close collaboration between our teams are evidence of our belief that the future of Barilla has its roots in France as well».

According to Miloud Benaouda, CEO of Barilla France: «This industrial investment, supported by an ambitious business and marketing plan, represents a strong message by the Barilla Group. It is evidence of its trust in the ability of the Harrys brand and of our teams in France to increase and consolidate our leading position in the pre-packed bread market».

Hugues De Beaupuy, director of the industrial site at Plaine de l´Ain expresses his satisfaction: «This new production line is a clear example of the dynamism of the Industrial Park at Plaine de l´Ain».

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