How America Eats: Capturing Growth with Food on the Run

Chicago / IL. (iri) The battle for share of stomach has reached a fever pitch, and associated new growth opportunities for CPG marketers are not limited to the confines of the retail store. It is time to rethink the competitive landscape, viewing all eating and drinking occasions as an opportunity to serve consumers and, at the same time, drive revenue growth. Opportunist eaters spent more than 90 billion USD across IRI´s multi-channel outlet during the past year, essentially flat versus the prior year and on par with industry average. But, CPG marketers that serve opportunist eaters well stand to reap disproportionate growth in the years to come. To gain insights on the way opportunist eaters shop for, purchase and consume packaged goods and opportunities to maximize growth potential, IRI commissioned a comprehensive survey (PDF – 20 pages – 871 KB) of more than 3’000 consumers. The findings of this survey reveal opportunities CPG marketers can tap to achieve differential growth.