Planet Based Foods: Enters European Markets

Vancouver / CA. (pbf) Planet Based Foods Global Inc. (PBF) is pleased to announce that the Company has formed a UK subsidiary under the name PBF Europe Limited for the purpose of entry into European markets. The parent company will continue its operations in the United States as it establishes itself in new international territories.

«This is a groundbreaking announcement for PBF Inc., and should come as no surprise for those that have been following our growth these past few months,» CEO and co-founder Braelyn Davis said. «We’re excited to introduce some key personnel that will assist the company in establishing its foothold in Europe. From there, we’ll be looking to partner with renowned distributors and producers in the food and beverage technology space to elevate us to the next echelon not only in Europe but beyond as well.»

The Company is thrilled to announce that it’ll be expanding its operations to the United Kingdom, not just to sell products but to establish an ethically sustainable food system similar to what has been accomplished in the United States. From seed to sale, PBF Inc. is committed to promoting sustainable practices and will be proud to work alongside local growers to begin harvesting the core ingredient, hemp. This is an exciting opportunity for us to continue our mission of promoting sustainable food systems, and the Company looks forward to contributing to the UK’s agricultural landscape.

PBF Inc. will solicit advisory services from Jason Smith to help establish the Company’s subsidiary in Europe. Smith works full-time as a business development consultant focusing on alternative food systems, including plant-based foods. He’s spent the previous eight years in the SME sector and has assisted numerous businesses in challenging European food service and manufacturing sectors. Driven by sustainability objectives, his career has been built on strong foundations where he has taken solid corporate principles to form his entrepreneurial endeavours.

It’s an exciting time for PBF Inc. as it prepares to enter the European market. For months, consumers have anxiously awaited the Company’s arrival to enjoy the company’s tasty and health-conscious foods. The Company intends to replicate the success of its Business-to-Consumer model and plans to add more Business-to-Business opportunities potentially. PBF Inc. remains committed to offering healthier hemp-based alternatives for its consumers. In addition, PBF Europe Limited will allow the Company to better serve its European customers as it continues to grow its brand in the region.