Profile America: about a storied cereal

Washington / DC. (gov) If you shop the cereal aisle in your supermarket, you’ll see dozens of brands on display, from the sugary and candy-like to high-fiber organic products. One of them has been available for over 120 years, an early entrant in the cereal business. It was on August 01 in 1893 that Denver restaurant owner Henry Perky received a patent for a «Machine for the Preparation of Cereals for Food». That food was shredded wheat. By 1901, he had set up an ultra-modern plant at Niagara Falls called «the Palace of Light» to make shredded wheat, and the falls became the familiar logo of the cereal, which continues as a Nabisco product. In the U.S. today, there are 69 breakfast cereal manufacturing establishments, employing 13’500 workers. The business earns a combined eleven billion USD in annual sales – according to the U.S. Census Bureau (Image Source: «Apple Jacks» (Title) / Kris Miller, Issaquah (Author) / found on