Rohlik Group: announces new Chief Technology Officer

Prague / CZ. (sg) Czechia’s Rohlik Group A.S., a leading force in European e-commerce grocery delivery, announced a significant leadership transition. David Pavlík is set to become the new Chief Technology Officer (CTO) on 01 June, replacing Ondřej Klamt, who decided to go on sabbatical after more than eight successful years. The role of CTO is falling into hands of David Pavlík, who has an extensive background at companies like Netflix, SpaceX, Amazon, and has a thorough experience as CTO at ShipMonk and Nano Energies. It is perceived as a natural step in the evolution of the technology department, which has achieved significant success and innovation under the leadership of Ondřej Klamt.

Rohlik CEO and founder Tomáš Čupr: «David’s arrival is critical to our next phase of growth. His experience and approach are exactly what the Group needs for further development. At the same time, I would like to express my enormous gratitude to Ondrej for his excellent work with us. His contribution has been enormous and he has left behind a strong legacy that we will build on.»

Incoming CTO David Pavlík: «I couldn’t resist the opportunity to join Rohlik. I’ve seen Rohlik as a great Czech heritage for a long time and it’s a great honor to be part of such a great team and to help with its further growth. The opportunity is huge and I think we are just at the beginning.» David Pavlík is replacing Ondřej Klampt who has decided to go on sabbatical citing the need for personal rejuvenation.

«Making this decision was incredibly tough,» says Ondřej Klampt: «It was a difficult decision for me, as I can honestly say that I love Rohlik and the experiences I have had here are irreplaceable. Nevertheless, I have reached a point where it is necessary to pass the ball to someone else. I will use that time to recharge and spend more time with my family. I would like to express my gratitude to Tomáš Čupr. He did not only understand my decision but was also extremely supportive.»

Ondřej’s tenure at Rohlik since 2016 has been marked by significant technological advancements and innovations, substantially contributing to Rohlik’s success and growth. Ondřej will remain with Rohlik to ensure a smooth transition, offering guidance to David Pavlík until he is fully settled into his new role.

As Rohlik Group continues to expand its operations across Europe in addition to Tomáš Čupr, Vineta Bajaj as Chief Financial Officer, comprised of Olin Novák as International CEO, Erwin Brunner as Chief Operating Officer, Alžběta Doležalová as Chief People Officer and David Pavlík as the new Chief Technology Officer.