Sara Lee: looks to green bread to boost EarthGrains

Downers Grove / IL. (slc) Sara Lee´s EarthGrains brand announced that its 100 percent whole grain, 100 percent natural line of wide pan breads will now include «Eco-Grain» wheat in its ingredients. Eco-Grain wheat is grown using innovative farming techniques that benefit the environment because they promote more sustainable agricultural practices. EarthGrains brand is the first to work in partnership with Horizon Milling to bring a product to market that includes Eco-Grain wheat. To support the product introduction, the brand is launching the Plot to «Save the Earth, One Field at a Time» marketing campaign and inviting the public to join the movement to benefit the environment. «EarthGrains bread made with ‘Eco-Grain’ wheat gives consumers the added knowledge that they are helping the environment with every loaf they purchase, in addition to the great taste and nutrition they expect», said Tim Zimmer, vice president, Sara Lee North American Fresh Bakery. «As part of our movement to help the environment, we are educating consumers about how to take other small steps to make a positive impact, including supporting the use of innovative agricultural practices». Today Eco-Grain wheat makes up 20 percent of the whole grains in EarthGrains´ brand wide-pan bread, but the brand will expand its use later this year. Horizon Milling LLC is a leading U.S. flour miller and a joint venture between Cargill Inc. and CHS Inc..

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