UEAPME: elects new Secretary General

Brussels / BE. (ueapme) During its General Assembly 2013, UEAPME – the European Craft and SME employers´ organisation – elected Peter Faross, German retired European Commission top civil servant, as Secretary General. Formerly Acting Deputy Director-General of DG Energy, Faross as UEAPME Secretary General will to represent over twelve million SME with 55 million employees all over Europe. In her congratulatory speech, President Gunilla Almgren thanked the members for their efforts in bringing a new face to UEAPME representation. «Taking on the task of representing SMEs all over Europe on a daily basis will by no means be an easy task», commented President Almgren, «but it is a challenge I am looking forward to putting in the hands of Peter Farros. UEAPME is the voice of Crafts and SMEs in Brussels and I am glad to be able to share the representative role this entails with the new Secretary General. Ensuring SME are taken into consideration and defended in cases unfair to them is our main goal in UEAPME».