Cheesecake Factory: Honored With Award

Calabas Hills / CA. (cf) The Cheesecake Factory´s Russell Greene was presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award from The Tasting Panel Magazine at a ceremony in Los Angeles in mid-November. The executive and editorial staff at The Tasting Panel considered hundreds of recipients for the award, and polled industry insiders to find out whom their peers consider the best of the best in the beverage industry. The Cheesecake Factory was the first ever on-premise business to be presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Russell Greene, Senior Vice President of Operations Services for The Cheesecake Factory, accepted the award on behalf of himself and fellow staff members Heather Berry, Director of Beverage + Bakery Operations; Matt Raftree Senior Manager of Beverage + Bakery Operations; Phil Adler, Research + Development Specialist of Beverage + Bakery Operations; and Jeff Wiley, Master Mixologist.

«In an industry where chefs are the celebrities, it´s a wonderful opportunity for us to shine the spotlight on the people who play such a major role in supporting a restaurant´s success», said Meridith May, Publisher and Executive Editor of The Tasting Panel. «Russell Greene and The Cheesecake Factory Beverage Operations team is so deserving of this award, not only for a lifetime of successes already accomplished, but for a future of successes yet to be».

The Cheesecake Factory has become legendary in the restaurant industry not only for its extensive food menu, but also for its visionary beverage program serving a wide array of hand-crafted cocktails, specialty drinks, wine, beer, coffees and teas. The Tasting Panel Magazine has credited The Cheesecake Factory with «putting the Mojito on the tip of America´s tongue, bringing a once unheard-of drink into the foreground».

«For more than 30 years, we´ve challenged ourselves to develop a creative and innovative beverage menu», said David Overton, Founder of The Cheesecake Factory. “We´re honored to be recognized with this prestigious award, and I am personally so proud of Russell Greene and our entire Beverage + Bakery Operations Team for their leadership and dedication to making our beverage menu among the very best in the industry».