Belarus: Bread and Confectionary 2009 Exhibition

Minsk / BY. (gov) This week companies from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Italy, and Sweden will present new technologies and ingredients for the baking industry at the Bread and Confectionary 2009 Exhibition. The event will be held at the Belexpo exhibition centre on 01 to 04 September.

A roundtable discussion will be held on the first day of the exhibition (01. September). The international conference «Modern-day technologies and equipment for the baking and confectionary industries» is scheduled for 02 to 03 September. Young bakers and confectioners will take part in the second nationwide contest. Taking part in the exhibition will be Belarus´ leading producers of bakery and confectionary goods, the companies of the Bakery Department of the Agriculture and Food Ministry and the bakery giant Minskkhlebprom (representing the bakeries in Minsk).

This year the exhibition is distinguished by a variety of exhibits, from technological equipment to the ready-made products. A part of the exhibition titled «Technologies and equipment for bakery, confectionary and macaroni industries» will present equipment for state-run and small private bakeries.

The section «Primary goods and ingredients for bakery and confectionary goods» will be very interesting too. The Barsa unitary company will organise master classes with the use of the latest developments of the world-known companies Ireks, Braun, Lubeca, Martellato and Westfalia. The Dalnaya Melnitsa company will present new recipes, the Aromatik Company will demonstrate decoration novelties. The Barsa company will showcase the equipment of such world leading companies as Siluett (Sweden), Schneider (Germany) and Silikomart and Martellato (Italy). More details about the exhibition is available at